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Chris Harwood is a young entrepreneur who started his business (JCH Innovations) when he saw the Internet coming towards us “like a tidal wave” and knew that it was going to have a huge impact on the future of communications and information. His whole goal for his business is to innovate, and formulate ideas to combine with technology that will meet the needs of this new communication phenomenon. His technical strengths are the use of a program called LOTUS NOTES that many companies use today as a platform for their emails, and information transfer. Chris also takes part in the more creative tasks of Web page construction. Web pages are in high demand right now as they are the most common means of publishing information on the Internet.

By starting with his business while young, he hopes to gain the necessary skills that will prove to be
valuable to the market he serves, and hopes to be the one running at the front of the crowd instead of just being “one of the pack.”

At the moment, Chris is an OAC student at Huron Park Secondary School and is Vice-President of Student Government. He is planning to attend the University of Western Ontario, and enter into the Richard Ivey School of Business to complete his studies. His work in the future will definitely revolve around the Information Revolution, and he will continue to follow the example set by Bill Gates of business and intellectual excellence.

If you are interested in having a Web page designed, Chris can be contacted at:

J. Christopher Harwood
JCH Innovations
P. O. Box 108, Innerkip, Ontario
Phone: (519) 469-3152

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