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(a column by a kid for kids)

Henry welcomes your letters. His qualifications for this column are simple; he’s a young writer with lots of ideas about how to solve life problems. He has no formal counselling credentials but his friends tell us that he always has an opinion, an idea and some advice for them whenever they get into a jam. Send your letters to ASK HENRY here at the magazine.

Dear Henry: My sister wants to get her driver’s license the moment she turns sixteen. My father
says that’s fine except that she’s got to do a proper Driver’s Ed course before she can get her
learner’s permit. Well, my sister thinks the Driver’s Ed is a waste of time since her boyfriend has
been teaching her to drive for over a year now. Fact is, I was in the car with them when she drove
all the way to London one day. If my father knew, he’d blow a gasket.
Little Sister in Embro

Dear Little Sister in Embro: Your father would probably be worried. First, your sister’s boyfriend would not be covered for insurance if there was an accident while your sister was driving. Second, the Driver’s Ed course means that your sister would have reduced rates for insurance all her life. Besides, whats the hurry? She’ll be over 16 a lot longer than she’s under sixteen. But she won’t make seventeen if she’s as dumb about driving as she is about driving legally and responsibly.

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