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by Jacquie McLeod '96 ©
Eastwood, Oxford County

It is sometimes described
as your most “jovial sense,
seen as a way to eliminate
the feeling of being too tense...
But as I also see it
from my comical point of view,
humour is the one commodity
that may often rescue you!
These times are so stressful,
filled with “must dos” and
sometimes pain...
Prompting us older folk to cry:
“Wish I was a Kid again!”
We all possess the secret
of the fastest cure on earth,
it is to have a belly-laugh,
to double over with mirth.
Little children can teach us all
the trick
just watch them at play
and see
how many times they laugh out loud
with a guffaw or light tee-hee.
Before they become burdened
with responsibility’s lengthy road,
they have the natural ability
to lighten up their load.
So, the next time you feel
out of sorts,
all saddened and so depressed,
remember about sweet laughter’s cure

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