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Video Pick

 Leslianne Davidson Holmes
For all parents who want to know the contents of videos they are renting for their children. This is intended as a guide only. I believe that the greatest movies to rent are the ones you view together. Take the time!


Imagine a summer that never ends. Imagine a boy that never grows up. Imagine a barber that was
never young. Imagine a dog that lives forever. Imagine a small town, the kind that isn’t lived in anymore. Right - begin. “Ray Bradbury (The Martian Chronicles) narrates the beginning and end of this story with these words, setting the tone for a mystical, magical fantasy.

Their small town he refers to is found in Illinois at the turn of the century. Bradbury’s story
centres on a young lad named Ralph (Brian Svrusis) and a stranger that mysteriously arrives via an
unscheduled train stop. After taking up lodgings in Ralph’s grandparents house he signs the guest register as none other than Mr. Charles Dickens (the incomparable Fred Gwynne). Mr. Dickens is eager to set to paper his newest novel, thereby enlisting the aid of aspiring writer Ralph. What follows is a mutual sharing of literature, aspirations and dreams, cloaked in a sense of mystery. All of this is countered with an objective sense of reality through the eyes of the local barber.

I would suggest that you rent this film for yourself and your older children; younger children will
not fully understand the references made to Dickens or appreciate the style of Bradbury.

Produced in 1981 by Rubicon Films, you will notice a dated appearance to the video itself - don’t
be daunted. It’s a terrific piece of theatre and was made in association with America Playhouse, Public Television Stations and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Running Time: 55 minutes
Rating: 3 hand claps (out of 4)
Violence: none

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